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Sometimes, you might want the ability to take care of the marketing yourself, or simply have a better understanding of marketing processes. Whether you need marketing mentoring to develop your own skillset or those of internal personnel, it’s difficult to beat the benefits of practical one-to-ones.

With the additional benefit of progressing your own projects, whilst learning useful disciplines along the way.

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A personalised approach

Together we will address elements that can have quick impact on your business, and implement strategies that will provide sustained benefits over the long-term. Working to a plan that addresses your personal needs that is specifically tailored to your organisation goals.

Always with a focus on content that remains consistent to your brand. Our mentoring approach is shaped to you and your business, with guidance that is tuned to your circumstances.

Knowledge transfer

Imparting tactics derived from successful campaigns, where we’ve enjoyed the wins and learnt from the setbacks. We’ll share the insights and experiences that can place you on a successful path, whilst providing support for every step you take.

At hand to help you navigate the marketing landscape, illustrated with lessons learnt from real-world scenarios for online shops, products and services.

Skills development

Teaching you the core competencies involved in market analysis and the creation of marketing strategies. Assessing your content to ensure that it delivers confidence and remains on brand. Then, teaching you how to use key platforms to analyse performance.

You’ll learn some skills that you can use immediately, and others that will develop over time. Principles that will stand you in good stead now and in the future. 

Getting started

Like our marketing consultancy service, we start by evaluating your current approach, and that taken by your competitors. It will form the basis of the strategy we put in place together. It’s where we’ll look at refinements, niches and untapped opportunities for you to exploit.

Assistance in setting clear, achievable marketing objectives and milestones. With the encouragement and accountability to stay on track with your marketing plans and goals.

Then, using data analytics to track KPIs and success.

Goal setting and accountability

Feedback and Evaluation

It’s never been easier to make website, content and ad adjustments, and sometimes a small tweak really counts. We’ll provide regular feedback on marketing implementation and performance, with critique and suggested refinements The aim of our marketing mentoring is to enhance your skills, help you to stay focused and on track to achieve the goals we’ve set together.

Marketing Strategy Implementation

Sounds good, but you’d prefer the strategy to be implemented for you? We can do that too. The draft strategy will highlight the areas that should be addressed first.

We work closely with clients to integrate with their internal resources, becoming a de facto marketing department for some organisations.

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