Negotiation of licensing terms and launch of app based on the hit TV quiz show, ‘The Chase’.

What we did

  • Negotiated license terms with ITV 
  • Established ITV marketing support plan
  • Liaised with Apple prior to iOS launch
  • Liaised with Amazon prior to Android launch
  • Coordinated Marketing & PR
  • User testing feedback

The Background

Following on from the successful launch of the #1 selling brain training app, Mensa Brain Test. A need existed for the games developer and publisher to find the next project for the team, one that capitalised on their core skillsets.

The experienced development team had recently changed their focus from developing for Nintendo Game Boy to creating iOS Apps. Mensa Brain Test was the first of these apps, achieved excellent consumer and press reviews and came to the attention of ITV.

The Challenges

To promote Barnstorm Games and the experience of the team to secure the ability to use the license to the TV quiz show title, ‘The Chase’. Establish a working relationship with ITV to gain the opportunity to collaborate on other projects.

Tap into the broadcasting and social resources of ITV to promote The Chase App pre and post launch. Establish other beneficial relationships with press and Apple to gain exposure for the title in publications and The App Store.

The Solution

The successful negation of the terms of a licensing agreement with ITV that enabled Barnstorm Games to launch The Chase App.

Establishing agreed marketing support for the title on bumper ads and social channels.


The Chase App became the #1 selling paid game on iOS and Android, twice being named amongst Apple’s Best-Selling Paid Apps of the Year. This established an on-going fruitful relationship between Barnstorm Games and ITV which continues and has led to many more quiz app launches. 

This project was carried out under Games Agency Ltd prior to a change of trading name.

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