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Brand creation and Shopify website development; on-going management of content & Google Ads (Shopping & Search).

What we did

  • Selection of new URL & brand creation
  • Development of a new Shopify store
  • Online shop launch
  • LinkedIn profile optimisation & outreach
  • AdWords & Shopping Campaigns
  • Digital PR & backlinks

The Background

Root Barrier Systems, was an amalgamation of online shop and informational website. There was a need to carve out a more distinct identity and commercial online presence for the site. Already holding a reputation for supplying trade and providing  ‘trade-quality’ products.

The aspiration was to broaden the customer base whilst reflecting the importance of the trade customer. Transforming the platform into the destination for anyone in the UK in need of premium root barrier solutions. A distinct brand and location to provide the definitive authority on root barrier.

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Angled monitor display tree root barrier products

The Challenges

The primary challenge was to establish the #1 UK destination for the purchase of trade-quality root barrier. With a mission to offer comprehensive solutions for an expanded customer base. Solutions for residential customers seeking bamboo root barriers, to specialist contractors dealing with complex issues like tree subsidence and the pervasive Japanese knotweed.

Central to this was the strategic utilisation of the client’s existing network. And, the need to disseminate key information about the extensive product range, with a particular emphasis on the availability of bespoke sizes tailored to specific needs. This approach required communication that ensured every prospective customer understood the unique value proposition and superior quality being offered by Root Barrier Store.

Simultaneously, there was a need to rapidly cultivate trust in a newly created online identity. Swift transition from recognition to trusted authority was required to convert visitor engagement to sales. Root Barrier Store needed to emerge as a new brand to the market, but synonymous with reliability, quality, and comprehensive root barrier solutions in the UK.

The Solution

The solution for Root Barrier Store involved several key steps. Firstly, a new, memorable URL,, was selected, alongside the development of a distinctive Shopify store with product optimisation focused on use case. The owner was positioned online as a leading expert in root barrier solutions on both the site and 3rd party publications including The Sun, The Mirror and The Standard.

Content creation was focused on practical guidance for both residential and trade customers, including: purchase advice, required tools, and installation steps. This content not only aided customers in making informed decisions, but with the support of digital PR and backlinks, it also established top positions in SEO rankings.

A professional online presence was developed on LinkedIn, serving as a resourceful landing page and a platform for sharing specialised content and engaging with the trade community. Additionally, targeted AdWords & Shopping Campaigns were set up to attract customers to the site, specifically those seeking products for defined use cases.

Monitor displaying FAQs section of Root Barrier Store Shopify site


Website traffic has increased significantly, with new users from organic search up by 156% year-on-year (2022/23) and online store sessions by 237%. Key content has achieved position #1 or  significant SERP features, generating trust and additional customers.
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