Website development; on-going management of SEO, content & Google Ads (Search).

What we did

  • Developed new website
  • Created bespoke website navigation
  • De facto marketing department
  • New website under development
  • Bespoke navigation bar
  • Managing content marketing
  • Content creation/SEO
  • Link building program started
  • Managing additional external resources
  • Company listings/partnerships
  • LinkedIn outreach
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Reviews procedure & links established
  • Approached by National press
  • Link management & digital PR

The Background

PBA Solutions, an award winning invasive plant management company, required a marketing strategy that covered all services. Having traditionally placed a strong emphasis on inbound enquiries from organic search, the website was facing a heavy dependence. Previous work, combining older website iterations, was now having a negative impact both visually and structurally.

Some older blogs were still driving good traffic, but overall visitors had started to decline. Whilst new content creation was sporadic, social media activity and Google Ads had been halted. There was a want to greater diversify the offering to include the treatment of other invasive species outside of Japanese knotweed.

The Challenges

At the heart of PBA’s services is the treatment and removal of Japanese knotweed for residential, commercial and public sector clients. A service that most are unaware that they need until the plant is identified. PBA’s existing website had functionality that required fixing and contained content not optimised for search. Some older blog content was driving a lot of traffic, but starting to decline and lacking engagement mechanisms. Content creation was still in progress, but sporadic and not focused on opportunities.
Services related to Japanese knotweed and the other invasive plants require greater explanation than many other outdoor service offerings. There are legal factors related to the transfer of property (with the plant present) and allowing the plant to spread into the wild. Whilst the solutions are either costly or long-term – over a number of years.

In addition, there was a want to focus more on the treatment and removal other invasive plants that have become established in the UK. These include bamboo, Himalayan balsam, some aggressive UK plants and other currently, less-known invasive species.

The Solution

The creation of a website with clearer, stronger messaging. A modern, less cluttered style, with defined user pathways and simpler methods for the prospect to communicate with the company after being drawn to the site. A new informational navigation bar allows visitors to quickly understand where to start, and once on their pathway conversion mechanisms have been put in place.

A specially created blog format was used to put content at the heart of the PBA Solutions website, to showcase the expertise of the company. The re-purposing and optimisation of older content, was used to retain and boost traffic from good existing sources. In tandem, a programme of new content creation has been put in place, with a focus on blogs that will drive traffic, place a spotlight on expertise and create specific commercial opportunities.


Website traffic has increased significantly, with new users from organic search up by 125% year-on-year (2022/23).

Site visitors are now channeled from high traffic blog pages to service and contact pages. Visitors flow through the site to the services that they need, resulting in more diverse enquiries. The expanded navigation bar clearly displays all the invasive plants dealt with and the sites blog is now a visitor destination. Older content has been optimised, refreshed and republished

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