Managing paid app launches and the promotion of the developer/publisher to licensors.

What we did

  • Formulated launch plans
  • Generated press pre-awareness
  • Maximised licensor communication channels
  • Managed app launch 
  • Established & maintained relationships:
    Apple / Amazon / Press / License holders 

The Background

Newly established app developer, Barnstorm Games, was looking to establish its name as a trusted developer and publisher of apps based on licensed properties. Having achieved success on console platforms, in particular Nintendo DS, there was a desire to shift the focus to iOS and Android development to capitalise on the rapidly growing app market.

With its first app title in the development pipeline, and the MENSA license secured, Barnstorm needed to prepare the title for commercial launch. There was a need to assess game UX, coordinate marketing efforts with the license holder(s), third parties and press, plus liaise with the app stores.

The Challenges

Coordinating efforts across three MENSA organisations, the preparation of marketing plans and pre-awareness for MENSA Brain Training, then subsequent apps based on licensed TV properties. Creating maximum impact at launch, a key time time in the lifecycle of a paid app, where a poor launch can impact lifetime sales of a title.

The promotion of Barnstorm Games to licensors as a trusted developer of apps, to secure licensed properties that could feature as the subject for future releases. Managing and maintaining working relationships with licensors, press and app stores.

The Solution

The development of launch plans that fully utilised licensor marketing and social channels to generate pre-awareness. Establishing good working relations with App Store management to ensure that prior to launch they were aware of the PR reception and planned marketing. Information provided to demonstrate anticipation and awareness of the titles, to provide the best chance of launches being supported and featured in the app stores.

Showcasing the launch, chart and ratings success of titles to demonstrate Barnstorm’s expertise to existing and prospective licensors. Generating and maintaining a pipeline where the developer was promoted with a view to gaining licensed properties and titles were launched with maximum impact and support to ensure a successful launch and then subsequent on-going sales.


  • #1 titles on iOS and Android
  • Featured by Apple and Amazon
  • 4.5/5 Average UK review scores 
(across all titles)

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